"Just to have my historical agronomic data organized by the procedures adopted in this network was worthwhile to be a member". Ivan Bedin (farming 25,000 acres)

On Farm Precision Agriculture Network

Why On Farm Research?
The biggest advantage of doing on farm research instead of small plots is the possibility to have large treatment plots on top of spatial variability in the real farmer condition. Generating data in the same region and crop system is the best way to extrapolate research results.
Key Objective

The major objective of this project is to conduct on farm precision ag experiments mainly in Louisiana to build a network knowledge database of crop yield response site-specifically to guide variable rate inputs application. Joining this network, you will help with valuable data for science and have one field trial mapped for FREE depending on LSU Precision Ag Team and equipment availability.

Joining the network you will have one field of about 50-80 acres mapped for electrical conductivity and one NDVI image using drones equipped with multispectral cameras during your crop growing season. Not all farmers that join the network will be mapped due to limitations of resources.

Let's use the data

Researchers need Geo-referenced data generated on farm to deliver a better crop management information to the farmer. Sharing your field data with a state institution to generate official agronomic recommendations is a great advantage on how to get unbiased results. Farmers own the data. The experiments results will be released just for members of the network. Join it, it is free. Researchers from LSU reserve the right to use the data in perpetuity for the sake of science. However, the researchers will not sell or share the data to other parties, without farmer consent.

Farm Machineries

As applied maps are being collected and stored in a daily basis by companies and consultant services that sell services to the farmer later in the process.


Let's make these automated data set better explored for farmers and consultants using non traditional statistics to process and analyze the large pool of data to transform data in information to drive site specific crop management.

Data Driven Decisions is one of the major objective to support farmers decisions on their own operations.


How it works

Farmer requirement

The only requirement is to have yield mapping and variable rate fertilizer capabilities.

The farmer provides:

  • A field of at least 25 acres to the project.

  • A shapefile showing the field’s boundary

  • The latest soil fertility information available for the field, if available;

  • An A-B line for planting, fertilization, and harvest, if available;

  • A yield map from at least one year of the crop species to be planted.

  • The width and number of rows, where applicable, of all equipment; and

  • Information about the fertilization and seeding rates that would be used on that field.

Why to join this network?

The advantages to join an academic network is to:

  • Have unbiased analysis and state official recommendations as a proxy to improve spatial crop management recommendations.

  • Have confidentially of sharing data for your own benefit and for the science.

  • Fully use of all resources available in your farm machinery.

  • Empower your technical team with non-traditional statistical data analysis.


"Joining the network, you will be practicing Precision Ag with your equipments that already are able to do and also you will help LSU to train students with precision ag data to solve real farmer problems. Please recommend undergraduate students to start early in Precision Ag enrolling to AGRO 4002 - Precision Agriculture every Fall."

Information about Project Coordinator can be found in:


Join the NETWORK

JUST FILL THE FORM BELOW that we will contact you to participate in this network. The only requirement is to have yield monitors.

IF YOU HAVE John Deere Account and Operations Center, Climate Field View or CNH, please join the network just accepting the LSU AgCenter partnership with Ag-Analytics (https://analytics.ag/LSUAgCenter).

IF YOU HAVE Farmers Edge or other, fill your contact details below that we will contact you and help to set up your farm machinery telemetry to enroll you in this Precision Ag Network. 

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